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Buying A Business

We listen to your vision and work with you to set up a targeted search based on your vision and needs and update you as soon as new listings come on the market that fit your criteria.

Good businesses, priced right, sell fast!

Be ready to make an offer!

Once we have the search set up for the kind of business you want to buy we can present opportunities to you as soon as they are listed on the market!


One of the advantages of buying an existing business, versus starting one from scratch, is that there is existing cash flow as well as a proven existing process, people and resources in place from day one. While these aspects may be improved by an in-coming buyer, the fact that they exist in some fashion accelerates the possible ROI opportunities.

Additionally, existing businesses is often easier to finance than starting from scratch.


When you are ready to make an offer on a business as a business broker, we will prepare the Purchase & Sale agreement and present it to the seller (similar to purchasing a home) and facilitate the negotiation process between both parties to with the goal of reaching a mutual agreement.

Once a mutual agreement has been reached we will work with both parties to assist during the due diligence process by coordinating connections between all parties.

Once the due diligence has been completed we will assist you as you finalize the process and prepare for closing.

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